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Where effective training meets compassionate care

Welcome to Remington Pet Ranch, where effective training meets compassionate care. We are dedicated to helping you build an unbreakable bond with your canine companion through science-based, positive reinforcement techniques. Our experienced trainers prioritize your pet's well-being and provide personalized guidance to address their unique needs and help them flourish. We would love for you to join our Ranch family, where your dog's happiness and success are our top priorities.

Remington Pet Ranch Dog Training

Current Training Programs

Day School

Our Day School program combines training with daycare. Drop off your pup with us for the day, where they will get multiple one-on-one training sessions, as well as group play times with their friends. The program is two days per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) for six weeks, including one in-person weekend training session immediately following graduation. We utilize Google Classroom to create an interactive platform for questions, support and homework. Day School is a great way for your dog to learn new skills in a fun and supportive environment! Classes are limited to 6 dogs so reserve your spot now!

Contact us at for availability, semester start dates and/or additional information.

Day School Guidelines

  • A meet and greet with our trainer is required prior to being accepted into class. Meet and greets are $30, which is applied to the cost of class if accepted. Please email to schedule.
  • If you would like your dog to participate in group play times during Day School, they must complete an evaluation prior to the first day of class ($40). You can schedule this through your client portal or email

Level 1 - Beginning Obedience and Manners

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Trade
  • Wait
  • Leave it
  • Place
  • Off

Clients will have access to these additional training materials:

  • The Basics of Marker Training
  • Managing vs Training with Problem Behaviors
  • The Importance of Reward Value
  • Splitting vs Lumping: Learning Through Success

Level 2 - Intermediate Obedience and Manners

  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Loose leash walking
  • Cooperative care and handling (nail trim, oral exam, etc.)
  • Continued development of level 1 skills

Clients will have access to these additional training materials:

  • Enrichment Through Tricks and the AKC Trick Dog Program
  • Foundational Fitness: Strong Bodies for Long Lives

Level 3 - Advanced Obedience and Manners

  • Advanced stays
  • Advanced recall
  • Advanced loose leash walking
  • Walking leave-it
  • Practice for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Continued development of previous level skills

Client will have access to these additional training materials:

  • An Overview of the Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Therapy Dogs: An Overview of Certification and Service

Training program Guidelines

Your dog must graduate each level before moving on to the next. You may schedule a meet and greet ($30) with our trainer for the purpose of assessing your dog’s current skill level. It is up to the trainer’s discretion on whether or not a dog can test out of a certain training level.

our Training team

Shawn Mauser, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator

Shawn transitioned to professional dog training from a distinguished career in education. As a life-long learner, deeply passionate about learning theory and its practical application in the classroom, she has always found fulfillment in guiding others towards their goals and aspirations through education. Dog training emerged as a natural extension of her extensive experience as a successful educator and coach.

Her journey into professional Positive Reinforcement dog training began years ago amidst a friendly debate with her school's principal about whether she would adopt a puppy after finding herself dogless for the first time in over two decades. While her principal advocated for the addition of a puppy, Shawn was hesitant. However, after persistent discussions, she proposed bringing the puppy to school to raise and train as a therapy dog for the campus. To her surprise, the principal agreed. Two weeks later, the student body welcomed their future therapy dog, whom the students named Dipper. This experience ignited Shawn's passion for dog training. As she worked towards Dipper's certification, she found herself coaching students and teachers in training their own dogs. The transition into professional dog training felt like the perfect opportunity at the right time. Shawn retired from public education to embark on a new career dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of dogs and their humans.

Outside of her training work at the Ranch, Shawn enjoys spending time outdoors with her two judgmental border collies, Dipper and Loofy , who never miss an opportunity to remind her of their intelligence.

Remington Pet Ranch Lead Trainer Shawn Mauser

Apprentice Trainers

Remington Pet Ranch Apprentice Trainer Emily L'Hote

Emily L’Hote

Emily's respect for and dedication to positive reinforcement training techniques came about when she witnessed their life-changing effects on her own Australian Cattle Dog, Mötley. Over the past two years working at Remington Pet Ranch, she developed a keen interest in pursuing a career in dog training and was swiftly recruited for the Remington Training Team. Motivated by the joy of helping others succeed in training their beloved pups, Emily believes in the transformative power of kindness and patience in fostering strong bonds between dogs and their humans. She's deeply moved by the immense impact that quality training can have on both canine companions and their devoted owners.

At home, Emily shares her space with Mötley and Pepper Potts, her cat. Emily's favorite training reward is string cheese, which Mötley considers very acceptable currency for paying the Cheese Tax. Emily is currently working towards earning her CPDT-KA certification.

Remington Pet Ranch Apprentice Trainer David Robinette

David Robinette

David’s journey into dog training began at Remington Pet Ranch, where he discovered his passion for working with dogs and was offered the opportunity to join their new training program. David firmly believes in positive reinforcement techniques, finding them compassionate, humane, and effective at helping dog owners build strong bonds with their pups. One thing he makes a point of helping dog owners understand is the challenge dogs face in generalizing behaviors from situation to situation and how often that difficulty is the reason a pup is struggling to master a skill.

David's favorite training tool is the classic Kong toy, which he finds indispensable for engaging his canine clients. He enjoys listening to dog training podcasts, such as "Sexier than a Squirrel" from Absolute Dogs, which emphasizes the importance of keeping training fun for both dog and human. At home, David shares his space with Rue, a playful cat, and Nyla, his super smart, opinionated pup. David is currently working towards earning his CPDT-KA certification.